Itzli (Tlanitzli) Moquetza The Pale Stranger

Spell Slinger / Sea Singer 5 [Drow]


Itzli was born a short but slender half-drow with ashy brown skin and a mixed shock of white and cream hair that she keeps tied back in a messy knot of a bun. After waking aboard the pirate ship, she found she had slipped into a form that felt true, although unsightly.

As a Volahir, she is bat-like in many respects. Her body is covered in thin, ash-colored hair, although her hair remains white, along with a stripe down her back. Finding herself suffering from light blindness, she wears a goggled cap with a slit on top to allow her hair to whip free in the wind, but, as it grew thick and unmanageable due to the salty wind, she has trimmed it to a mohawk. She also wears a leather vest, and striped shorts kept up with a lederhosen-esque harness of ammo pouches.

Her pants otherwise would not stay up—not just due to her sociable nature—but because her legs are shrunken and knees backwards. Her fingers have also elongated and have thin leathery skin stretched between them, which she can use to fly up into the rigging, where she serves as a sniper or calls on the power of the water and aquatic creatures around them for aid.


Itzli comes from an aristocratic drow family but looked down upon many in her family who used this as an excuse to rely on servants and inherited gold rather than hard work. As a result, she traveled to the coast and apprenticed herself to a shipwright.

After completing her apprenticeship, she spent her first year on a merchant ship trading up and down the coast. During her travels, she met a hodgepodge of people and picked up various skills and interests, including an appreciation for her crew mates.

One night during a brawl below decks, a lantern broke and set fire to the ship. It quickly grew out of control, and she suffered burns on her back while keeping the fire from reaching the magazine. After this, she became increasingly invested in the fights that frequently took place among the sailors and took to manipulating them into turning on each other, sometimes over the course of months, just to sit back and enjoy herself as they ripped each other apart. As her travels continued, she also heard tales of the necromancer Lazarus and his companions and, finding their ideals in line with her own, decided to seek them out.

Despite her insistence that she should be serving as the ship’s carpenter, she is currently on swab duty.

Pirate Trait: Line Up and Blow the Man Down – 1/day before making a ranged attack, spend a move action to line up a shot to gain a +4 circumstance bonus on the next attack roll. (Once aiming, can’t move or lose concentration or lose benefit)

Itzli (Tlanitzli) Moquetza The Pale Stranger

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