Bonus Traits

Sail through the Eye of Abendengo

Hurricane Savvy: You are used to sailing in the terrible winds that roll out from the Eye of Abendego, and can apply the skills you’ve learned to any storm. You treat wind effects as one wind force category less than they actually are, both for any personal checks you must make and for any you make to captain or steer a ship.

Raise from the Deep: In your past, you bound yourself by a geas/quest to perform a particular service to be named at a later date by some fell power.
In exchange, you have been granted the power to raise a sunken ship from the sea and make it sea worthy again (but see below). Once it is raised, you are (and are recognized as) the captain of this ship. This requires a ritual that takes 30 minutes to perform.
You can only perform this ceremony once, as it will never work for you again. Once raised, the ship is battered, and only you and your first mate know how to command it properly. When it is not under your command (or that of your first mate), all other creatures treat the ship as if it had the broken condition. This ship can only be sold for scrap.

Balance the Books: A friend or allied NPC has accrued such a debt to you that, no matter what happens, be it imprisonment or death, that person will sacrifice him or herself so that you can escape. Once, if you are imprisoned and cannot escape, you may have the NPC this is associated with this take your place, so you can escape. This ally could also arrange for you to be brought back from the dead, though that NPC ends up sacrificing its life to make
this happen. Regardless of which happens, this NPC will consider its debt paid.

Leave Me A Pistol: You were considered a traitor or a disgrace by the crew or captain of your ship, but for some reason you were exiled or about to be put on trail; then someone came with a pistol. You were left alone, marooned in a cell, or just dumped in a room.
Despite what’s happened, you have chosen another course: perhaps revenge, perhaps redemption, and you have chosen to keep the pistol as a token of remembrance. Once (and only once) if you make an attack with this pistol you can choose to automatically
threaten a critical if you hit with the attack roll. This pistol can be enchanted even though it is not of masterwork quality. (A GM could allow a second use of this trait if the character starts a new campaign saga.)

Bonus Traits

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