Cornelius Blackwater the Dread Pirate

Seaswain/Navigator Ranger 5 [Human]



Cornelius was born to a rather pious family, often disciplined in the way of life in worshipping the Aesir. Cornelius himself was not quite fond of having to worship the deities of the Norse purely out of practice, and often was disciplined by local priests for whenever he was found running about instead of spending his time in silent prayer. This lead to his parents eventually not bringing him to their weekly gatherings in their town to perform their worship, and resulted in Cornelius spending most of his time getting himself lost in the streets and eventually getting into scuffles with the local children. For most of his younger years he had served as a farmer alongside his parents, who eventually had saved up a small amount of money and told him to head out into the lands to find a Cathedral of the Aesir to join. This of course did not sit well with the young troublemaker, who accepted the money none the less. It was then that he had taken up his pack and a few things and set out for the nearest town to his village. Upon his arrival, Cornelius did not seek out the Clerics of the Aesir to join their clergy, but immediately sought out anything other than the clergy, hoping to find instead an exciting job that would bring adventure into his life, as he had read in so many tales as a child. He soon took up work traveling from town to town with groups of merchants to act as something of a body guard and a guide of the streets of the cities he soon came to learn like the back of his hands.

Eventually this lifestyle lead to him meeting a group of men and women who offered him some pay if he were to accompany them to meet with a few others of their group to receive further orders from their leader, a man they claimed would bring a new era where people could be free from the hands of the gods interfering with their lives and be able to take a hold of their own destiny.

Cornelius had eagerly accepted the job and did his best to please his new employers, and for a few days all seemed like they were on the up and up! Cornelius was an adventurer, and one who was going to soon take part of a revolution that he hoped with all his heart and soul to see come to pass.

After a week had come to pass however, Cornelius finally came to find where the group was taking him, having heard news of the fallen fortress overtaken by Bugbears and said to be lead by a quartet of villainous warlocks and demon worshipers. It was then he was brought forth to meet one of these sinister masterminds by the name of Zladikov, whose body seemed to be comprised of millions of writhing spiders, worms, and other vermin. The sight of the man drove fear through Cornelius’ heart, and brought weakness to his limbs. A normal person, such as his parents, would have screamed and fallen to the ground in terror, but Cornelius was different than others. THe fear he felt was not that of one facing a nightmare, but that of one who was to take that last step into a deep fall into the seas below, and the anticipation within that fear. With his body trembling in excitement and wonder, he stood straight and did his best to try and look the nightmarish master in the eye, and said “Hello. My name is Cornelius, and I hear you plan on making sure people like me don’t need to fear the Gods meddling in my life anymore. If this is true, then I will do all in my power to help you sir. If you don’t mind someone like myself, I am not the brightest of men, but you won’t find anyone more passionate than me!”

It was then that he began his work as an agent of Zladikov, sent out to act as an agent within communities to help bring down the clergy. Only recently has Cornelius found himself aboard a pirate ship by the name of The Wormwood, and his life has taken a very, very different turn.

Recent events in his time out in the world of Piracy have left him with a bit of a fierce temper towards those who speak ill of his height as a Halfling, seeing his height being one of his few weaknesses that his adventures have not allowed him to overcome, and the slight shame it brings forth that some have mistaken him for, or called him, a child. He is known to break into an extremely violent man when this subject is brought forth in a negative connotation around him.

In his time as a Pirate, Cornelius has acquired a few scars. The first being a rather charming series of crossing scars from the Cat o’ nine tails wielded upon him by Mister Plugg, often worn as a badge of pride than a shameful injury by the tough Halfling. The second scar is his loss of his left leg in an incident with a Death Scarab that he had acquired which had burrowed into his leg and promptly hacked off by the aid of his partner Cro’. This has left him with a bit of a chip on his shoulder over his loss of his leg and the loss of what speed he did possess now reduced to a mere 5 feet.

A new quirk acquired by the Halfling pirate is a desire to collect gambling dice to use for certain occassions, believing in the ideals that Luck and Skill went hand in hand with the ways of pirates.


Cornelius Blackwater the Dread Pirate

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